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Introducing the NEW!! myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner:

Are you tired of sweltering summer days and restless, sweaty nights and shivering in the Winter months? Say goodbye to discomfort and welcome the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner designed to transform your living spaces into pure comfort.

Sleek, Modern Aerodynamic Design: The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner not only cools and heats but also elevates your space with its sleek, modern, aerodynamic design.

Full Bluetooth Capability: The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner is not just about cooling and heating; it’s about convenience. With full Bluetooth capability, you can control and monitor your system directly from your smartphone, ensuring the perfect environment wherever you are.

Powerful 3000w (3kW) Output: With a mighty 3000 watts (3kW) of cooling and heating power, the myCOOLMAN provides rapid and efficient cooling and heating, so you can embrace comfort at a moment’s notice.

Latest Technology for Reduced Power Consumption: We’re committed to efficiency and sustainability. The myCOOLMAN incorporates cutting-edge technology to reduce power consumption, making it ideal for off-grid 12V systems and environmentally conscious users.

Smooth, Soft Start, and Whisper-Quiet Operation: No more startling bursts of air. The myCOOLMAN boasts a smooth, soft start feature and operates at whisper-quiet levels, ensuring your comfort without any unnecessary disruptions.

Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 35kg, including the Air Distribution Box (ADB), the myCOOLMAN is designed for easy maneuverability, allowing you to install it effortlessly wherever you desire.

Versatile Sealing Frame: For hassle-free installation, the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner comes with both 400×400 and 360×360 sealing frames, along with bonus roof thickness adaptors, ensuring a perfect fit in any setup.

Slimline ADB with Multiple Airflow Angles: The included Air Distribution Box (ADB) features a slimline design with multiple airflow angles, offering precise control over the direction of air. Plus, it adds an element of mood lighting to enhance your ambiance.